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Shine-A-Light Children Foundation was established as a charitable company limited by guarantee in March 2010 and in recognition of its work, it was registered by the Charity Commission for England & Wales in March 2012.

The humanitarian initiative was borne out of the yearning of the charity's founding members to help alleviate the suffering of millions of impoverished children and young people worldwide, many of whom are homeless and living on the streets or in prison, victims of abuse (especially in schools), involved in hazardous labour, drug abuse, sexual exploitation or affected by HIV/AIDS.

The specific objects of our charitable work embrace the following:

1. Relief of need, hardship, sickness, handicap and distress among children and young people living anywhere in the world;

2. Assisting in the provision of education, training & healthcare projects as a means of advancing in life and helping young people develop their skills, capacities and capabilities to ensure they participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals.

Shine-A-Light For Children operates a Charity Shop in North-West London where goods donated by the public are sold to raise funds for our charitable work.

The charity is currently managed by a Board of Trustees composed of UK/EU citizens, all of whom are deeply committed to helping children in need and serving to promote the cause of humanity on earth.

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